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The Do's and Don't of Open Houses!

February 22nd, 2018 10:50 PM by Christopher Terry

Open Houses are one of the best ways to see a home you might want to buy, so we have some tips to get the most out of your Open House experience.

Do: Discuss the open house with your agent.

The best part about working with an agent is that they can get you individual appointments in the houses that you like best, so communicate with them about which of the houses that you visited are worth viewing again!

Don’t: Forget that the agent in the house works for the seller.

The agents that are in the house are there to answer your questions, but they aren’t there to help you write an offer. If you are interested in buying the home, reach out to your agent so that they can get in touch with the seller’s agent.

Do: Guard your privacy.

Real Estate is all about negotiation, so try not to be too transparent about your budget or how much you love the home. If you are interested enough to put an offer in, be sure to let your agent do all of the talking, they might be able to negotiate you a better deal!

Don’t: Be rude.

If you don’t like a home, briskly walk through it and observe, but there is no need to be unnecessarily rude. Homeowners are sometimes on the premises, and it’s not a good look to go into someone’s home just to speak poorly about it.

Do: Stay attentive.

Pay attention to what the other potential buyers are saying and observe how many others have signed in before you. Not only is it good to know what your competition is thinking, they may have also caught something crucial about the property that you missed! Do: Consult a Local Realtor Purchasing a home in today's competitive real estate market can be a giant undertaking. If you are like most people, you'll probably want some advice along the way. Not everyone with a real estate license is equally equipped to help you find the right home, at the right price for you and your family. Our dedication to you and your understanding of the home ownership process sets us apart. We offer a FREE, No Obligation Home Buyer Consultation, during which you will discover every step of the process, different financing options and home buying programs that may be available to you, a real time technology program that puts the latest real estate listing updates in the palm of your hand and much more! 

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Posted by Christopher Terry on February 22nd, 2018 10:50 PM


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