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Storage Ideas for Your Home

October 25th, 2015 2:11 PM by Christopher Terry

All too often we find ourselves collecting more and more stuff and we have no place to put it! Our homes quickly clutter with material things and it is not long before we are overwhelmed by the thing piling up in the corners of our home. Here I have 5 easy solutions that will make your life a little more organized, and a little less cluttered.

  1. Living Room Storage: There are plenty of ways that you can add a little extra storage in your living room. One is to buy an adult cubby that can go up against a wall or behind a couch. Simply place decorative baskets and boxes inside the cubbies and you suddenly have a cute and practical place to keep dvds, remotes, mail, or whatever else you have sitting around your living room.

  2. Kids Storage: The easiest way to teach kids how to clean and stay organized is by putting colorful bins in their rooms. Kids already learn in school to put toys and book away in the classroom’s colorful bins, why not utilize that skill at home? You can get storage bins anywhere from Target to the Dollar Store. Simply label the bin with what belongs in it and before you know it your child’s room will be far less cluttered with toys you are tripping over!

  3. Bedroom Storage: One of the best ways to get extra storage in a bedroom is to use the bed as extra storage space. Invest in a bed that has draws or space underneath designated for pretty baskets. If an entirely new bed is not in your budget, then maybe think about looking into a storage bench. It will give you extra seating and it will give you a place to hide your dirty laundry when someone comes over! Win, win!

  4. Bathroom Storage: Finding a decorative way to hide things in a tiny bathroom is hard! You don’t want everyone who visits your new home to see your hair products and face creams simply because you don’t have a place to put it! If your bathroom is too small to put a cute little cabinet, then think about looking for above-the-toilet wall storage. Simply put shelves above the toilet and place cute storage boxes on them for an inexpensive and classy way to hide your belongings.

  5. Kitchen Storage: Pantries are hard to keep organized. Between kids searching for snacks and their never being enough room after a shopping trip, it is hard to keep anything clean and organized. But believe it or not there are cheap and simple ways to organize your pantry. One thing you can do is buy dollar store plastic storage bins and label them with things like “snacks,” “pasta,” and  “grab & go,” then after a big trip to a market simply replace the old snack with the new ones, that way you don’t have oreos floating around the pantry for 2 months that no one will ever eat-- we all know it happens!

Over to You…

What’s your best storage idea? I’d love hear from you. Leave your ideas or suggestions in the comments below.

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Posted by Christopher Terry on October 25th, 2015 2:11 PM


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