Your Graceful Exit is a video to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure. We encourage you to learn more about the HAFA program by watching this HAFA Program Video and how it can help you.

Participation and eligibility in HAFA is the sole discrection of the lender. Eligible homeowners will be sent, either preemptively or by request, a Short Sale agreement that will outline the terms and conditions of the short sale specific to the homeowner. Contact your loan servicer or bank to request eligiblity in the HAFA program or visit the Making Home Affordable - Home Affordable Alternatives Program (HAFA) and receive FREE counseling from a HUD approved housing counselor.  

For more information about the Home Affordable Modification Program(HAMP) and the new Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative program (HAFA) visit our Distressed Homeowner Help Site, or for a FREE, confidential, no-obligation consultation call Christopher Terry direct at 774.930.4595 or email


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