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"I was shocked! No fancy frills, just straight forward, common sense ideas! We're now on track to payoff 2 homes in half the time! Thank you!" - Kevin and Sherri  


Looking to Build Wealth...

"Utilizing some of the simple ideas discovered in this short seminar we have set up a plan to payoff our house 17 years and 2 months early and save over $87,000! We plan to re-invest the savings and build on our future." - Donna


Or a First-Time Buyer...

"As a first-time buyer I was very nervous. I had thought about buying a home for 20+ years but never could muster the courage! After sitting through EZ Home Search's seminar I felt I had a better understanding of the process. Now I am a proud homeowner. Plus my mortgage, including taxes and insurance is $100 less than what I was paying for rent! Thank you for helping through the process and putting up me. I couldn't have done it without you." - Lucille

Join Us and Discover:

  • Tips to Save Thousands, Even Tens of Thousands when buying and financing Any Home! Secrets Insiders Don't Want You to Know!
  • Just how much money you are losing EACH and EVERY month that goes by when you are renting vs. owning!
  • Technology that WORKS! Saving You Time and Frustration! We can start right now. Just telling us what you want, and start getting real-time information about homes that interest you! Then use our Checklist and compare to find the perfect home for you!
  • The homeownership process for piece of mind!
  • A winning strategy for negoitating with homeowners, distressed homeowners, and Bank REO's.
  • How a Market Price Analysis of the home you are interested in can save you thousands!
  • How to strengthen your position during the purchase process.
  • Home Inspections and how to negotiate the home inspection results to protect your interests.
  • The difference between pre-approved and pre-qualified, and why you need to know.  
  • And More!

In 30 minutes or less you'll discover more about how to make the best purchase decision possible...

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With interest rates at historic lows, and incredible bargains available in our local market, now is the perfect time to get on track to becoming a homeowner. More and more of my clients are discovering how and are investing their time and money in real estate. Watch this short video and find out how almost anyone can get started today with very little down!

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