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Wishing you all the Hope, Joy and Wonder of the Holiday Season

December 22nd, 2019 7:04 PM by Christopher Terry

We Wish You All The Hope, Joy and Wonder of the Holiday Season!

One day at a little over a month ago as I was pulling into the parking lot EZ Home Search Real Estate when a car pulled in behind me driven by an older couple. They asked if I could help them find a new home.

It turns out that they had sold their home to a life long family friend and had stayed on as tenants in one of the units.

It was heartbreaking when they told me that their friendship with their life long friends had become strained and that had no choice but to find another place to call home.

Unfortunately living on retirement income meant that paying today’s current market rent would be nearly impossible.

I connected them with Nina Despres @ St Anne’s Credit Union who qualified them for a great loan program and we went to work in search of an affordable option for them. In just a few days we found a great entry level condo, in a beautiful condominium building, that was right in their budget.

This lovely retired couple, who were so worried about where they were going to live and whether it would be affordable are now owners of a beautiful condo...and it’s less than what they would have had to pay for rent.

It's stories like this one, and many others over the years that make us all at EZ Home Search Real Estate so grateful and blessed to have the opportunity  to help families find their dream home, plant roots and build long term equity through home ownership.

Everyone here at EZ Home Search Real Estate would like to wish you all the Hope, Joy and Wonder this holiday season can bring and a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy 2020.

Christopher Terry
EZ Home Search Real Estate
508-646-4777 x105

Posted by Christopher Terry on December 22nd, 2019 7:04 PM


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